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Soy Wax

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Whiffins was created when mother and daughter decided to make their love of 'whiffing' scented candles and wax melts into a business.  We would always smell all the lovely scents on offer in candle shops and on foreign travels and this was fast becoming an obsession!!! 

Emily's favourite wax melt is Fresh Linen.

April's favourite wax melt is Velvet Rose & Oud.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Please contact us with any requests or concerns and it will receive our personal attention.

We are a small family business and hand pour all our wax melts, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Soothing Scents


We love experimenting with scents with our highly trained noses and only use the highest quality ingredients to give the best 'throw' of scent.  Soy Pillar Blend is a wax best used for wax melts and scented candles with its creamy white appearance. Soy Pillar blend has great scent throw with fragrances, and is made from pure soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils.